Why I Love Fall

Why I Love Fall

By: Finley W.



Fall is my favorite season. One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. I like it because you get free candy, and it is the only day of the year my mom will let me dress up my dog. I also like it because of the changing leaves. This is one of my favorite things about fall because the colors are so pretty and colorful. I also like fall because you get to wear leggings and scarves.This is why fall is my favorite season.

Week 7

I enjoyed this week a lot. The only sad thing about this was coupon book sales ended and we didn’t reach are goal but Mr.Smith is still going to let us throw water balloons at him, which makes it a happy thing! Also, we did three Kahoots.Friday (which is today), we have an orange and white lunch party. You can look forward to a fall writing later. It was a fun seventh week at Rocky Hill!IMG_3822

Week 6

This week at Rocky Hill was super! Our school had a fun run on Tuesday I was covered in chalk, and still have some left my hair!! Another thing we had this week was my friends B.day! (her name is Samantha) We also went to a play in the gym, it was a man playing/singing songs from slavery times. This was a amazing week. IMG_3695

Week 5

This was a fun fifth week. On Wensday we did a Kahoot and the top student in my class was… Lily!!  (From Lily’s Lucky Blog.) Then later in the week, our clas did research and Faith and I did the Flamingo, you might see our paper in the future. Near end of the week, we did reading buddies and couponbook avertisements. It is always a super fun at rocky hill.IMG_3627

Week 4

I had a fun fourth week. On Thursday we had a coupon book kick off. Another thing we did on Thursday, was a mystery skype are class tied with a class in Missouri. Through the week we researched animals. ( My partner was Faith.)This was a fun week at Rocky Hill.IMG_3516