Week 11

It was a fun week. First of all, we got new safety posts! (If you don’t what that is it’s fifth graders helping teachers and it switches every 4 weeks.) Also, we got to air our haunted house commercials which was so fun! On Thursday, when we did the haunted house, we raised $801.13 for just 2 hours! This week was super fun.IMG_4194

Scary Storie

Mac And Cheese Disease

By: Finley Warren

It  was a crisp Halloween night and Lily ate some odd mac and cheese. I came to  her house ready to go trick or treating, but little did we know Lily was sick as a dog with mac and cheese disease.

We were walking around Lily’s neighborhood and found a halloween party. Suddenly we found out that we had been tricked! It was large house and a warning sign that said, ” Mac and cheese disease attracts monsters.” Lily asked, ” What’s mac and cheese?”, and I didn’t know. Then out of the blue, a monster started chasing Lily! I was still wondering why this was still happening.

The first thing I thought to do was to distract the monster with the piece of cheese my mom packed me. It worked but I dropped the piece and the monster ate it. I remember that Lily had a piece of cheese in her basket also, and that is why it was probably chasing her. So she gave the cheese to the monster but he ate it and continued to chase her.

We were giving up because Lily had tripped and the monster was about to eat her. All I heard was a weird sound and a gross cheesy smell. Lily was throwing up mac and cheese! After that, the monster just walked away like nothing happened.

We finished going trick or treating but she threw up again because she ate so much candy she looked like a pinta. We got home, and Samantha asked, “What happened?” We replied, “It’s a long story.” We learned that you shouldn’t eat green glowing mac and cheese. And Lily threw up again!

Week 10

This week was super fun. We had a short week because of fall break and that made it so much more fun of a week. Also, we made a haunted house commerical for our schools news.  We got to show our reading buddies our animal research powerpoint. It was an amazing week!IMG_4044

Week 9

I am almost finished with my last week of school before fall break. This week was super cool because we got to throw water balloons at the principal on Thursday. We also got to send a letter to France. Usually we read with the same reading buddies, but this week we got to switch rooms. Lastly, my friend Lily got to put a pie tin of shaving cream into our teacher’s face. It was a cool week.Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.54.22 AM

Week 8

It was a fun week at Rocky Hill. First of all, it was only a four day week! Another fun thing that happened was that there was Great Harvest which is an only parent and staff event where they raised money for the school. One more cool thing about this week was that we showed our power points to the CDC kids. It was a fun week.                                IMG_3880