Week 28

This week was a lot of fun. To start off, it was Dr. Seuss week. That is where certain days a week you wear certain wacky clothes to honor Dr. Seuss. We also had a field trip to a cave called “Tuckaleechee Caverns”. To finish the week off, we didn’t have a Friday! It was a fun and exciting week.


Spring Break

On my spring break, it was very fun. To start it off, my mom had to work so the first two days of it, I got stay home. In those two days, we went on a hike. The path we chose to go on was near a lake ,and it was because some beavers built a dam. We got very muddy which was fun, but I found ticks under my sandal strap. After that, we went to my grandmas from Monday to Friday. During that stay we went on another hike,( no ticks or beavers involved). Then went to a my mom’s store except it was in Handersonville, NC. Finally to end my stay, we went to Sawyer (my brother’s) favorite toy store where I got rubber chicken and slime. We finnaly went home and had a chill weekend. This was my fun spring break.

Week 27

Although it was a normal week, it was cool because these few things. First of all,we wrote letters to our french emails. Then, we worked on a new research paper. Mine is on henna and it will probably go up 2 weeks from now. That is because have spring break next week. If you don’t know what this is, it is when we are out of school for 1 week which is next week, YAY!! This was my blog for this week, can’t wait to see what happens when I get back to school. (Hint: Dr. Seuss)

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Week 26

This week was a little short but just as busy. First we had Tuesday off because of voting, and that was allot of fun. Next we started are TN Ready Wednesday and will do the last one on Monday next week. We did writing two days, math today, and will do social studies Monday. This led to double recess on Thursday!!! We finally finished up our song and it is on my blog. Finally, I saved best of last….. I GOT FIRST PLACE IN A KAHOOT!!!!! That wraps up what jazzy things happened this week.

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