Week 35

This week was busy and fun. First, started selling Lucas bands and the commercials will be on my blog soon. Next we had a middle school talk on Thursday, but our busiest day, believe it or not, was Friday the 13th! In the morning we have the Q and U wedding for the kindergarteners then we have also have the health talk which I won’t go into detail. At recess, we will also have a teachers VS students basketball game which is fun, and to finish off the day, we have the Rocky Hill Rodeo! This week was super fun!

File May 13, 8 15 09 AMMIDDLE SCHOOL TALK

Week 34

This week was pretty fun. First, we finished our script for our movie and that will go up in a couple weeks. Also, we got to use our electronics in library which was really fun. Mr.Haney’s class also finished their commercial so that will probably go next Friday. We also did a service project at KARM. That is a service that helps homeless people and we did our service by sorting through donated clothes. One last cool thing that I should tell is that there is 9 1/2 days left of school! As I said before, this week was fun.


Week 33

It was a fun week. First we were supposed to have all of our TN ready tests this week but it wasn’t going well so we stopped half way through! We also got our year book on Thursday which is one of my favorite things to get from the school plus it is my last year at Rocky Hill. We also were working on our movie scripts all week and we are almost finished! It was a good week.

IMG_6471 year book

Week 32

It was a pretty goood pretesting week. First, we got to work on our movie scripts and we are almost done with scene four! We also had a lot of test prep since next week TN ready testing. The goo dpart was if you got a 100%, you got candy. Thursday, we also had a sole singers cincert at school which is a group of singing fourth and fifth graders, and they were pretty good. This week was fun.

File Apr 21, 2 25 52 PM

Week 31

This week was fun. First of all, we started working on our movie and I’m one of the leading rolls! I get to be detective Warren but that is all my saying because I don’t want to give too much away! We also are doing a shaved ice fundraiser for Lucus which is a little boy from our school who is in the hospital. Mr. Haney’s class did a commercial which will be coming up soon. Finally, I am super excited about reading buddies because we get to write a song together which will come up probably around next Friday. This was a fun week!